"A good science and engineering decision is a good business decision."

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Petroleum Risks and Decision Analysis

Advanced Decision Analysis with Portfolio and Project Modeling
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Our training is centered on crafting a logical, consistent decision policy. Risk and decision analysis methods are applied to modeling the project, portfolio or enterprise. We teach a straightforward evaluation process that applies to ranking alternatives, appraising value, and optimizing. The benefit to you and your organization is faster, more confident decisions.

Course Offerings

Semi-custom and custom courses are available to your company or organization. These are usually held at your location or a nearby facility. Courses range from 1 to 5 days and include topics such as:

  • decision trees (optional use of computers, but usually solving with hand calculators)
  • Monte Carlo simulation (optional use of computers)
  • business modeling (usually working with Excel)
  • fundamentals of decision policy and economic evaluation
  • practical probability and statistics.

Brief Course Descriptions

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Public Course Schedules

PetroSkills maintains the master list, so we ask that you visit these links to their site for the current schedules:

Petroleum Risk and Decision Analysis (PRD)

Advanced Decision Analysis with Portfolio and Project Modeling (ADA)

In-House PetroSkills Courses

Economic Evaluation of Prospects and Producing Properties

This is a variant of PRD, where more attention is given to cashflow modeling and economic evaluation. Something had to be given up, and that is usually value of information problems.

Portfolio Modeling and Management

This is a customized version of ADA, with particular attention to portfolios.

Course Comparisons

Course Descriptions

Petroleum Risk and Economic Decision Analysis (PRD)   PDF file
(Combine with the sequel course, Applied Decision Analysis, for 2 weeks of training)

Advanced Decision Analysis  with Portfolio and Project Modeling (ADA)  PDF file
(Sequel to Petroleum Risk and Decision Analysis  or  Economic Evaluation of Prospects and Producing Properties)

Course Comparisons

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PetroSkills, LLC
Main offices are in Tulsa and Houston.
Phone (in Canada and U.S. except OK): 800-821-5933
Phone: 918-828-2500 worldwide Fax: 918-828-2580
Telex: 6734499OGCI UW
e-mail: training@petroskills.com
Internet: http://www.petroskills.com

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