The CFS Approach

  1. Introducing the Game
  2. Assessing the situation
  3. Starting "Huddles" and team-building
  4. Setting priorities and getting some quick wins
  5. Getting on-time financial and operating information
  6. Designing initial games
  7. Revisiting strategic planning (vision, mission, values, and goals)
  8. Revising the business plan (operational plan and budget)
  9. Training in business literacy (Business 101, financial literacy, decision making)
  10. Designing the first, full Game and scoreboard
  11. Training in planning, meeting and other interpersonal skills"
  12. Casting free" (cutting the rope, allowing the client to sail off on their own)

Detailed Model of Our Process

Client prospects may obtain a printed influence diagram showing of how OBM works. This illustrates business elements with cause-and-effect relationships. Obtaining a copy.

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