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Courses and assistance in decision analysis for maximizing value under uncertainty for capital investments, project portfolios, corporate planning, engineering design, and other resource allocation decisions.

PetroSkills, LLC, is the sponsor of John's two Petroleum industry courses.

Capital Investment Decisions * Corporate Planning and Portfolio Optimization
Decision Policy * Project Planning and Risk Management * Business and Engineering Modeling

Course comparisons and selection guide

Updated Oct 2018: "Risk and Decision Analysis" brochure (pdf file)

Utility Elicitation Program (UEP)* **
Helping you set up your best, ever, personal or corporate risk policy. Login to access UEP and several whitepapers and tutorials. Now includes Question Codes. These allow the user to enter custom and repeat questions and to record a session record. Recent improvements to CE type questions now permit a $0 NPV reference outcome.
* Free for most users.
** Work on UEP 5 is nearing completion and adds many features, most-notably the option to present possible outcomes as continuous distributions.

Planning Press™

Evaluation Tips

Index to Evaluation and Modeling Tips, Books and Articles

decision making * emerging evaluation technologies * evaluation techniques * markets and trading
portfolio optimization * project costing and planning * project risk management * statistics and probability

Bayes' Club™ or Decision Notes™ newsletter (one approximately quarterly). A practice problem to help readers maintain their competency in solving Bayes' rule and applying decision analysis.
Latest problem (Dec. 13, 2019): Calculating the probability of guilt based on blood evidence.
Blood Evidence (pdf file)

Tip 135  The Perfect Bet by Adam Kucharski
Tip 134  Tim’s Yacht—Betting (Investing) for a Potential Huge Payoff
Tip 133  Goal Seek Method for Fast IRR Solutions
Tip 132  “For Forecasts, Bet on Monte Carlo Methods” by Jo Craven McGinty
Tip 131  Brain Rules: 12 Principles for Surviving and Thriving at Work, Home, and School by John Medina
Tip 130  Brain Bugs by Dean Buonomano
Tip 129  $3 million watermelon (fun with IRR)
Tip 29  revised Monte Carlo Stopping, Part 2

Group of trainers and consultants providing Open-Book Management implementation services and business literacy training

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Map to John's home/office: Google Maps   Bing Map

15492 East Chenango Ave, Aurora, CO, 80015, USA (Aurora is a Denver suburb)

Google Satellite photo (The street at the left is Chambers Road, and the major diagonal southwest street is Smoky Hill Road).
We are in the second cul-de-sac on the left below the tennis courts.